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Mortgage Adviser & Broker | Dreamer  |  Doer  |  Chocolate Lover | Exercise Fanatic  |  Avid Bike Rider  | Unpaid Uber driver for toddler Lorenzo and schooler Antonia.

I am a sounding board for people who want to improve their financial situation but haven’t figured out a way of moving forward. I am also a great listener and someone who knows how to creatively get things done.

Through my due diligence and personal approach, I am here to do all the leg work for you and help you to get financially fit. Whether you’re in the market to buy your first home, looking to purchase an investment property or just want to find a better deal, I will hold your hand throughout the buying process — while making it all feel like a breeze! 


Originally trained in the marketing industry, I now have over 8 years experience in the banking and lending industry in Australia. Prior to running OPTIMO Home Loans I was a Mortgage Broker and Property Planner helping people to develop a plan to achieve their personal and investment goals. 

Working for a financial institution for over 6 years, I saw first hand how they are mainly interested in gaining new clients and in pushing people into buying wealth products that do not necessarily suit them. For years I also kept noticing some flaws in the mortgage industry having to do with dishonesty and irresponsible lending - that really bothered me! This sparked an obsession to help people with strategies that work for them, rather than against them. I knew there had to be a better way to do business and I was determined to find it. That’s why I started OPTIMO Home Loans. 

When I am not helping people dream big, you can find me indulging in cake and coffee, playing hide and seek with the kids or watching the latest episode of Blindspot with my wife Maria - ice cream and popcorn in hand!

Get in touch today for your one-on-one obligation-free mortgage advice session.

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