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Why is Esteban riding from Sydney to Wollongong?

The Sydney to Gong ride is an annual fundraiser for the MS Foundation. This year, Optimo’s Esteban Mesa is joining in.

Optimo Home loans joins PepperMoney for the MS Sydney to Wollongong Charity Ride

One of Optimo Home Loans’ lenders, PepperMoney, is a non-bank lender that helps us to achieve great outcomes for people who are turned away by traditional banks. Some of our most difficult-to-fund clients have found success with PepperMoney as their lenders.

So, when the PepperMoney team asked Optimo Home Loans if we would join their MS Sydney to Gong riding team, we had to say yes!

The ride takes place on 5 November 2017. Between now and then, we are diving head-first into a training program that will help us to ride the 84 km without too much trouble. And, hopefully, we will be competitive while we do it!

Cycling from Sydney to Wollongong is about much more than the ride

When Esteban started Optimo Home Loans, he did it for a number of reasons. One of the key reasons was to create an impactful life for himself, one that will allow him to help others.

The MS Sydney to Gong Ride is not just about making an impact, which we hope to do. It’s not just about helping those who need some help, which is what drives us to get out of bed every day. It’s about demonstrating that we walk our talk.

It’s pretty hard to convince other people that really difficult challenges can be surmounted, if you haven’t demonstrated it yourself. As you may know yourself, it’s easy to say that you’re never too old to do something new; but it’s harder to actually do it.

Joining the PepperMoney team for this year’s charity ride is one small way that we are putting skin in the game.

Join Esteban as he trains for the ride - and please donate!

The road from Sydney to Wollongong is a long, hard, and beautiful ride. Over the next three to four weeks, as Esteban trains for the ride, he is recording videos, taking photographs and reflecting on the journey.

Optimo Home Loans is aiming to raise $500 in donations during this time. Please spare some change and donate to help the MS Foundation continue its truly amazing work.

Follow Esteban’s journey as he prepares for the ride! Follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss an update.


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