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The Wizardry of Making Friends with a Mortgage Broker

Making friends with a mortgage broker is a kind of unparalleled wizardry.

Your average mortgage broker doesn't exactly look like a wizard.

He or she prefers a suit over long, flowing robes. They'll be trimmed, professional, and crisp, rather than beardy and with long, tangled hair. And if they wear a hat, there's a very good chance that it won't be a tall, pointy one.

'So what wizardry is this of which you speak?', asks the curious professional.

Mortgage brokers bring a type of magic into your life that you won't get from anyone else.

This isn't just in the form of formal loans advice.

You might have questions like:

  • which bank is best for loans?

  • if I wanted a business credit card (or loan), who should I go to?

  • how do you think I ought to structure my finance if I wanted to invest in property?

... and other such random questions.

A mortgage broker friend will answer you because their wizardry is truly in their wisdom.

Your average wizard may have lived for a few centuries, but that's nothing on the experience of a mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers have handled, and seen the outcomes of, the financial lives of thousands.

You might say they've lived for millennia.

Seven specific ways you can benefit from befriending a mortgage broker

  1. Their industry knowledge will save you an enormous amount of time. If you were to go and look at all of the products and institutions, options and requirements that are available in the market, you'd be totally overwhelmed. A good mortgage broker not only knows all of this, but has seen the effects of many of them.

  2. You'll get more choice. Brokers must be accredited with every lender they work with, so that they are qualified to offer that lender's products. In practice, this means that their knowledge of your choices and what's available is always up to date.

  3. You'll get the best deal for you. Now, this might not be the cheapest option. But a broker's wizardry is in matching your circumstances, goals, dreams, and possibilities, to the best possible way that you can achieve them.

  4. You don't pay! Even though a lender will pay brokers a commission, if you were to go to the lender direct, you'd often pay the same rate. So even though you won't pay your Broker Wizard, you may find yourself actually saving money.

  5. You'll be steered around the pitfalls, dungeons, and demons along the way. Your wizard will save you the heartache of penalties, hidden fees, and charges that you may not see. This wizard can also help you to avoid contract clauses that are not in your favour. And, finally, they will stop you from taking out a loan that you will regret! Friends don't let friends make bad decisions.

  6. You'll always have the most competitive option in front of you. This really speaks to the friendship side of befriending a mortgage broker. Lenders want you to stay with them forever. Brokers want you to have the best deal for your circumstances ALL the time instead.

  7. You'll get robust advice about the best way to pay down your debt, which is especially useful when building an investment portfolio. Your broker knows the best way to structure your debts so you gain the maximum benefit. And they know when you should go and speak with your accountant to achieve it.

Isn't it time you made friends with a wizard?

The truth is, there is no 'one size fits all' in the loans and mortgages market. What's right for you won't work for your friends, your family, or your colleagues.

To find out what kind of magic is best for your specific circumstances, pick up the phone and call me on 0423 515 251 today.


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