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The untold secret about why Esteban chose to support the MS Foundation

Why is Esteban getting up at 4 am every day, to train for an 82 km bicycle ride? What is the deep reason for his sincere and heartfelt commitment? Well, it turns out that MS is something close to him.

Chronic illnesses like MS are often hidden away. We see rides like the MS Sydney to Wollongong Charity Ride, and feel like it’s a good cause. We dig out a few dollars to donate, and we give it, and we feel a little bit richer because of it. But for Esteban Mesa, the principle of Optimo Home Loans, it’s not such a superficial donation of time and effort.

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles here, Esteban has had an amazing and achievement-filled life. From competing at a national level in volleyball in Colombia, to moving to Australia and starting his own, highly successful business, Esteban is the picture of success. He’s met and formed friendships with many people along the way.

At least two of those people live with Multiple Sclerosis. Both of them high achievers. Both of them having been either elite athletes or successful business owners. Both of them with family of their own.

One of these people was a close friend of Esteban’s when he was playing volleyball. Over the years they became competitive buddies, a situation that only served to improve the games of both of them! He has children the same age as Esteban’s children, and despite his former athletic prowess, he’s now in such an advanced state of Multiple Sclerosis that he can’t move.

The other, a businessman who ran an amazingly successful retail store here in Australia, was also good friends with Esteban. But later in life he developed Multiple Sclerosis too, and is in an advanced state of the illness.

Esteban reflected on both of these people - and perhaps unknown others he’s known - in thinking about the deep reason why the MS Sydney to Wollongong Charity Ride is so important to him.

‘Every time I think that going out to train is too hard, or that I’m too tired, I think about these two guys and their families,’ he mused. ‘The wife of one of them donated a substantial amount of money when she learned I was doing this. That alone is enough to keep me motivated to get up and keep going, and to raise as much money as I possibly can. It’s people like her that need it.’

Our goal at Optimo Home Loans is to raise $750. We are so close, having already raised $505. Can you help Esteban to make a difference in the lives of those with MS? Click here to donate now.


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