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It’s nearly race week!

Next week, principal of Optimo Home Loans, Esteban Mesa travels to Sydney to participate in the Sydney to Wollongong Charity Ride for the MS Foundation.

We smashed our first fundraising goal!

We are happy to announce that two weeks out from the race, we smashed our $500 fundraising goal.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! You have set us well on our way towards our next goal of $750.

If you haven’t donated, maybe you will consider donating now.

What has Esteban achieved so far?

In the lead-up to race week, Esteban has been reflecting on the journey so far. In just five short weeks, he has:

  • Built a training program that supports his need for increased fitness and endurance

  • Risen at 0430 every other day to complete training rides before work

  • Learned the correct technique, to make his long-distance riding easier, more comfortable, and more effective Learned bike riding etiquette, by including others in his training

  • Reflected on his reasons for participating in the race, which, as you will remember from this post are deeply personal.

Helping others is why we’re here

Helping others is much more than a ‘socially responsible’ tagline here at Optimo Home Loans. It’s not just about charity rides, and it’s not just about fundraising for causes that challenge us.

So often, businesses make waves about supporting causes. Less often, those businesses support causes because it’s truly part of their culture.

For us, it’s about helping people like you to own their own piece of the world. We will help you, even if you have been turned away by a bank, or told that your employment arrangements aren’t suitable for a loan, or are new to Australia.

Sometimes all you need is someone willing to go the extra mile to help you. Our passion for helping others runs deep.

During race week, follow us on Facebook

Esteban will be posting live video on Facebook, and updates and photographs while he is away. Make sure that you follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss any of the action!

The race itself kicks off on 2 November 2017. In anticipation of Esteban’s trip, here is a video that shows you the beautiful scenery along the ride’s 82 km route:

Good luck for race week, Esteban! We know you’ll make yourself proud.

Support Esteban Mesa as he rides to raise money for the MS Foundation.


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